Advantages of a Private Dentist Practice Over a Corporate One

Throughout their careers, dentists have to make many important decisions about where to work, what to focus on as an individual and more. One decision that may come up for them early on is whether or not to join a corporate practice or a private practice. Both have their pros and cons, but a lot depends on what the individual is looking for in their career.

Often, smaller private practices are able to offer a more personal and family atmosphere, allowing patients to feel cared for by the whole staff. This can help reduce any fear or anxiety a patient may have during their appointment, making them more comfortable and at ease. In addition, it can also make them more likely to return for future appointments.

Another advantage of private dental practices is that they are able to take the time to truly get to know their patients. This means that the dentist and their team will be able to understand the specific concerns of each person, which can then lead to better and more accurate treatment for them. In addition, the dentists and their team will be able to provide advice about diet and lifestyle that can improve overall oral health.

In a corporate setting, it can be easy for the needs of the patient to be overlooked in order to meet certain business goals and quotas. This can lead to dental procedures being misdiagnosed or unnecessary treatments being prescribed in order to see a higher profit. As a result, this can end up costing the patient a significant amount of money over their lifetime of visits to a corporate dental office.

A private practice can also be a great place for new dentists to start out, as they are given the opportunity to gain valuable experience with a variety of different patients and situations. This can then be beneficial for them when they begin their own practice in the future, as they will already have a good understanding of how to deal with different types of patients and concerns.

Additionally, private dentist are able to choose their own employees and set their own salary, which can be very attractive to young dentists coming out of school. They can then have the peace of mind knowing that they are able to control their own futures and aren’t just being told what to do by some corporation.

Private dental practices can also have a lower turnover of staff, which in turn means that the dentists and their team will be more familiar with each other and the patients. This can also make the appointment time much more enjoyable, as everyone will be able to recognize each other and have a warm relationship with one another.