Blue Tree Coaching Review

Blue Tree Coaching is a life and business coaching service that works with individuals to create powerful results in their lives. Founded by Sindy Warren, a Stanford Law School lawyer, HR expert, yoga teacher and published author, the coaching company helps clients create lasting results in their personal and professional lives.

Founder and CEO of Blue Tree Coaching, Sindy Warren is a certified coach who works with clients to create powerful results in their lives. She is a lawyer, HR expert, yoga teacher, and published author who has a proven track record for helping her clients achieve their goals. Her high-performing coaching services have earned her numerous awards and recognitions and have won the trust of many of her clients.

Sindy started her side gig while in law school and built it into a successful HR consulting practice, which she turned into a full-time side business and the basis of her coaching career. She has a passion for helping people and is always looking for ways to grow her business.

Her clients range from professionals and executives to aspiring entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life. She offers professional life and business coaching to help them achieve their goals through strategic lead generation and more.

She uses a high performance approach to coaching that is tailored to each client’s needs and goals. She helps her clients develop leadership and interpersonal skills, increase confidence, improve communication, and overcome challenges to get the results they want.

In addition to her coaching service, Sindy is a yoga instructor, author and blogger. Her podcast, Side Gig Success, explores yoga, life pursuits and the benefits of building a side gig.

With a long history in the telematics industry, Blue Tree Coaching HR Consulting Systems has a solid reputation for quality. They have been focusing on large fleets for a while and offer a lot of features that will appeal to many of their customers, including reefer monitoring. However, their newer generations of ELD and fleet management software feel somewhat underdeveloped, and it may be wise to wait a while before making a purchase.