Choosing Specialist EICR Testers

Electrical Installation Condition Reports, or EICRs, are an important service that can protect a property’s occupants from fire and electrocution. The best way to ensure your home or workplace is safe and compliant with regulations is to have an EICR carried out by a qualified professional.

The EICR test procedure involves an electrician disconnecting specific circuits and then carrying out dead testing. This will reveal whether wires have been incorrectly connected or are overloaded, and it will also identify if there is any damage to the wiring.

This process may take some time, especially when you need to unplug appliances in order for the electrician to perform their tests, but it’s essential that this is done to avoid any potential risks. This is why the service should always be undertaken by a qualified, experienced electrician. Choosing the right expert for your EICR test is crucial, so you should take some time to research the different services available and find out what each one offers.

EICR Test Procedure

When you hire a specialist to carry out your EICR, they will begin by turning off your power supply. They will then perform dead and live electrical testing on your premises. The latter will involve the tester removing switches and sockets to test the wiring behind them. It’s important that this is done correctly because otherwise, you could be at risk of a fatal electric shock.

After this, the engineer will examine your installation for a number of codes. These are classified according to their severity and the likelihood of them causing an accident or injury. These include C1 (non-compliance with regulations), C2 (potentially dangerous) and a recommendation for improvement (C3).

Once all the tests are completed, the electrician will write up a comprehensive report and present it to you. You should keep this on file in case you ever need to prove that your building is compliant with regulations. This will be a valuable asset to have in the event of an insurance claim, for example.

Aside from this, you should have an EICR test carried out on your premises every three to five years. This will help you to keep on top of your electrical set-up and prevent any problems from arising, such as general degradation or changes in occupancy.

As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the properties you rent out are safe and up to date with regulations. You should be aware that electrical fires are a leading cause of domestic and commercial fires, and you should work to minimise the risks. By having an specialist EICR testers carried out by a specialist NICEIC electrician, you can rest assured that your tenants are protected from harm. Get in touch with NSI today to find out more about our EICR testing services. We’re renowned for our high standards and exceptional customer service, and we can arrange an appointment to suit your schedule. Simply click the button below to fill out a few details, and we’ll be in contact as soon as possible!