Derby City Council Takes Measures to Improve Managed Workspace

During the recent pandemic, Derby City Council took several measures to provide tenants with the highest quality of managed workspace. This includes the introduction of new working methods and safety measures. It also helped to maintain its ISO9001 accreditation. Amongst the achievements were a high response rate to the survey and the first service to reopen after the lockdown. This led to an impressive ‘Outstanding’ score after a risk assessment.

A survey of seven managed workspaces was conducted to determine how much better the service had become. The survey is a good example of how technology and innovation have improved the service for Derby tenants. Among other things, the survey measures the quality of internet and telephone services provided by the organisation. It also highlights the support provided to tenants during lockdowns. For example, 91% of tenants reported that they had received information on the benefits of the Connect Derby system, which included improved security, safety and hygiene. The survey also cited the number of enquiries made by tenants about the service. This was particularly impressive given that survey and laser derby these enquiries were predominantly made from outside of Derby, a notable statistic considering that most managed workspaces are located in the city centre.

As well as the survey, Derby City Council introduced several new and improved safety measures to increase the safety of tenants. These include the COVID-19 induction programme and the introduction of safety measures to improve visibility at all times. The most significant improvement was a new safety policy involving the introduction of a lockdown system in all managed workspaces. These measures were not only designed to provide safety to tenants but also to protect their neighbours. This is a particularly important aspect of managed workspaces as many tenants are often unsure of their surroundings. This is especially true during lockdowns when there is no visibility.

The survey also proved that there is more to managing a managed workspace than simply providing access to the internet. A survey conducted by the company found that 92% of businesses reported that their IT networks met or exceeded their expectations. Another important aspect of the survey was the fact that 92% of businesses reported that they needed to communicate with remote staff. This statistic may seem low, but it is a reflection of the quality of service provided by Connect Derby. In addition to providing high quality managed workspace, the company also supports its tenants by providing a variety of health and safety services. In addition to the COVID-19 induction programme, the company has launched a ‘do-it-yourself’ COVID-19 kit that can be used by tenants to improve the security of their own workspaces.

The Connect Derby survey is not only a good measure of the quality of service provided to tenants by the organisation, it also tells us how many people are genuinely interested in managed workspaces. The survey also found that 96% of tenants reported that the service met or exceeded their expectations. In addition, a significant proportion of tenants reported that they had moved into the Connect Derby portfolio.