How to Find Experienced and Trustworthy Real Estate Agents

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, a real estate agent is your go-to resource for the entire process. Choosing the right one is essential to a successful transaction, and you don’t want to make mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars. To help you choose the best fit, consider the following tips to find an experienced, trustworthy real estate agent:

Ask for references. Ask your friends, family members and colleagues for recommendations to the realĀ Find Estate Agents Peterborough they worked with and had positive experiences with. Then, follow up with those agents to get more information about their experience and skills. You can also check out their online presence, including websites, social media and reviews, to gauge their professionalism and market expertise.

Look at their past sales. Then, compare those sales to other recent sales in your area to see what percentage of homes sold at or above the listing price. This is a sign that the agent can negotiate well and gets homes sold quickly and for top dollar.

Find an agent with a high sales-to-listing ratio. And don’t be afraid to ask about specifics, such as the average days on the market for a particular neighborhood or the types of marketing tools an agent uses to promote homes.

Ensure the agent is familiar with your local market. Ask how long they’ve been an agent and what types of properties they specialize in. You can also ask about their knowledge of your neighborhood and how they’d promote the pros of living in your community, such as access to schools, restaurants and grocery stores.

Find out how many homes they’ve sold and bought in the past year. You can also look at their past listings and check out their client testimonials to learn more about the real estate agent’s experience. You can also check out their social media and website to see if they’re active in your local community.

Be wary of an agent with a lot of new business. While some new agents do a great job, they may not have the experience to handle your unique situation and can make costly mistakes that you’ll regret later.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to interview agents at open houses. This is a great way to get to know them and ask questions without feeling pressured to hire them right away. And it gives you a chance to meet other potential buyers or sellers who can provide additional insight into your transaction.

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