How to Program Samsung Remote BN59

How to Program Samsung Remote BN59

Most Samsung TVs come with a smart, multipurpose remote control that can be used to operate other audio/video equipment like DVD players, cable boxes and VCRs. These Samsung smart TV remotes can also be used with third-party universal remote controls that contain code lists and step-by-step instructions for a variety of devices. However, if you want to program a third-party Samsung remote or any other brand of remote that uses IR technology, you will need to know the correct codes that will work with your equipment.

To program a Samsung remote, first ensure that the device you’re trying to connect is powered on and that its IR sensor is working properly. If it’s not, the remote will not turn on the device. You can test this by using a video camera or your mobile phone’s camera and pointing it at the remote. If the remote emits a colored light, it’s sending an IR signal and will need new batteries.

Next, make sure the Samsung remote BN59 How to Program Samsung Remote BN59 is within 12 inches of the TV and that it’s pointed at its IR sensor. Then press the “Setup” button on the remote once. Don’t hold it down. Next, use the number pad in the middle of the Samsung remote to enter a four-digit code that will work with your device. There are different codes for different types of devices, so you’ll need to consult a manual or online list of available codes to find the right one for your equipment.

Once you’ve entered the proper code, the LED light on the Samsung BN59 should stop blinking and your device will be connected to your remote control. If the light doesn’t turn off, try entering a different code. If your device still doesn’t respond to the remote, it may be a problem with the device or a wiring issue.

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