Opulent Window Dressing: Luxurious Design Concepts and Ideas

A well-designed room isn’t complete without a few finishing touches, including elegant window treatments. These stylish and functional items add flair to a space while also helping to ensure privacy, light control and soundproofing. Whether your style leans more traditional or contemporary, these luxurious window treatment ideas will add a sophisticated touch to your home.
When many people think of luxurious window treatments, they envision floaty styles that billow in the breeze. However, not every type of drape is suited to this aesthetic. In fact, heavy and lush drapes can be quite chic in a modern space as well, especially when they’re made of fabrics like silk that add rich texture and visual play. Moreover, these types of luxurious drapes can be made in a wide variety of colors, styles and patterns that are sure to impress.
The most obvious way to add a sense of luxury to a window treatment is by choosing a contrasting fabric. Often, designers¬†https://businesscutter.com/transform-your-living-space-with-cellular-honeycomb-blinds-in-calgary/ choose this type of design element because it creates a striking focal point in the room and helps the other elements stand out even more. This type of contrasting fabric isn’t just for curtains either; it can also be found in valances and other top treatments for the windows.
Another great luxury window treatment idea is to use wide bands of color, such as the ones seen here. The red-and-gold bands paired with the scroll embroidered fabric on this board-mounted swag valance give the piece a dramatic look. The gathered balloon valance was further dressed up with plenty of tassel fringes that are perfectly in keeping with this elegant space.
Lastly, a luxurious drape can be enhanced with a variety of decorative accessories such as swag rings and jabots. These accessories add shape, depth and texture to the valance, while also hiding the hardware for a sleek look.
If you want to truly elevate a window, consider adding a pelmet. These cornice-like structures are hung above the window frame to hide the header of the curtain, and they’re commonly seen in more formal spaces. This window treatment idea is a good choice for rooms that are layered in traditional and classic furnishings.
Finally, a regal window treatment can be added to any space with the addition of Austrian shades. These floor-length drapes can add an expressive note to any space, from eclectic to modern, and they work best when they’re complemented by a subdued color palette. In this space, the patterned Austrian shades punctuate the room’s neutral palette and echo the two-tone four-post bed.
If you’re looking for a one-two punch of style, opt for both shades and floor-length drapes in the same room. Many designers are embracing this unique look in their projects because it offers as much privacy as homeowners desire, while also showcasing the stunning architecture of the room. This look is particularly great for rooms with tall ceilings as the drapes can draw the eye upward to make the space feel even more grand.