The Benefits of Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming is more than just brushing your dog and trimming his nails. It’s a bonding experience that helps improve your dog’s comfort and health. It also allows you to spot issues that may require veterinary attention.

A grooming appointment typically lasts between 1.5-4 hours, depending on the coat length and if a haircut is included. During this time, the dog is brushed or combed out, bathed, and then trimmed, clipped or shaved with clean, sanitized brushes and clippers.

During the brushing process, a groomer Dog grooming Katy TX will check the ears for signs of infection and clean the ears if necessary. Ear cleaning involves applying a small amount of ear cleaner (bought at your local pet store) to a cotton round, then wiping the inside of the ears. This removes dirt, wax and other debris that can cause irritation.

The teeth are another part of the grooming process that is often overlooked by dog owners, but it’s important to maintain your dog’s dental hygiene. The regular brushing of the teeth will help prevent gum disease and cavities. Getting your dog used to having his teeth brushed is best done by rewarding him with very small pieces of high-value treats. Eventually, your dog will learn that being touched around his mouth is a positive experience.

As you can imagine, grooming a dog with an extremely thick or dense coat can be quite challenging. This is why it’s always a good idea to bring your dog to a professional groomer who has the proper tools and knowledge for the task at hand. Groomers have a variety of brushes for different coat types, and they know how to use them correctly. They can even use a tool called a rake to penetrate the coat, removing tangles and dead undercoat close to the skin.

Groomers are also experienced with handling dogs who are elderly, anxious or fearful during grooming, and can help you train your dog to be more receptive to the grooming process at home. Additionally, some dogs require specific breed show grooming that requires precise attention to detail and knowledge of the breed requirements.

A grooming session can reveal a lot about your dog’s body that you might not notice, such as ear infections; fleas or ticks; grass seeds in the coat; matts; and scratches, lumps or other areas that should be checked by your veterinarian. Keeping up with the routine grooming of your dog will allow you to notice problems more quickly.