What Are Snagging Surveys and Why Are They Important?

Snagging Surveys are a new build property inspection carried out by a qualified surveyor to highlight issues in a newly built home. They are a crucial part of the process for any new build property and it is recommended that homeowners get a professional snagging survey done before they exchange contracts with the housebuilder or developer. This gives the housebuilder or developer a window of opportunity to fix the issues found in the snagging report. This may be easier for them to do if they aren’t still receiving final payments and it may also help to avoid any disputes over issues that can occur after the sale has been completed.

Snagging is important because it helps ensure that the new build property matches the plans and specifications that were drawn up for it and that the construction has been completed to an acceptable standard. A snagging survey can help to identify issues such as incorrect electrical layouts, heating systems that don’t function properly, poorly fitting windows or doors, decorating faults and snags related to building regulations compliance.

There are different types of Snagging Surveys depending on the type of property. A pre-completion inspection (PCI) and a snagging survey are both options for people who are buying new builds and both provide detailed reports on the condition of the property at the time of the inspection. PCIs are a great choice for people who are buying off plan because they can be commissioned prior to the legal completion date and allow the housebuilder or developers to correct any issues before the buyer moves in.

A snagging survey can be done at any point in the warranty period, but it is a good idea to commission one as soon as possible after completion. This can help to make sure that all of the snags are resolved and it will give homeowners more leverage with housebuilders or developers. This is because it can be difficult to get snags fixed after the purchase of the property has been completed and homeowners can be subjected to a dispute with the provider of the warranty for their new build home.

It is important to choose a snagging service that provides photographic evidence and a comprehensive written commentary for each of the issues identified. It is also important to check that the snagging service doesn’t have any conflict of interest as some snagging services will also conduct Clerk of Works surveys for housebuilders or developers.

Getting a snagging survey for your new build property can be a cost effective way to protect your investment and to ensure that any problems with the property are resolved as quickly as possible. It can also save you the time and stress of trying to liaise with your builder to have these problems corrected after you move in, as well as saving you money on any future repairs that may be required. It is worth remembering that you only have 2 years to legally complain about snags in your new home and that hiring a professional snagging surveyor can often help you to achieve a better outcome.