What is the Activity Map?

The Activity Map is an analytics tool designed to help marketers understand the traffic to their web properties. It allows you to view the metrics for individual page elements and the links that drive traffic. By overlaying these details directly on the webpage, the Activity Map enables you to make informed decisions about your digital assets.

It is easy to set up and uses Adobe Analytics. It offers many time-saving features. These include importing activities, editing them, exporting them, and managing the Target. In addition, it offers a customizable user interface. You can toggle between the metrics, switch to full-screen mode, and toggle between dark and light modes.

Once you create an activity map, you can add new tasks and trigger events. You can also change the sequence of these items. For example, you can add a task and then decide how to handle customers who don’t meet the primary metric of the task.

You can also create an activity map with multiple starting points. This enables you to see how customers move from one node to another, and then to see how they move through all paths simultaneously.

An Activity Map can be implemented through the free Adobe Analytics module. Using the Activity Map Customizer, you can configure link variables and DOM attributes. You can also change the display of map markers. As well, you can adjust the exclusion settings for specific regions.

The Activity Map can be used to generate reports. It can also be shared with The Activity Map stakeholders. However, if you’re using it for business purposes, you should review it with management first. Moreover, you should ensure that it accurately shows your current activities and core competencies.

The Activity Map enables marketers and business users to better understand their website visitors and conversions. They can use this information to optimize their digital properties and fine-tune their offerings. Also, they can identify important information such as the link names and page urls.

Unlike other platforms, the Activity Map is easy to implement. Using the Activity Map Customizer, your users can easily edit the Activity Map, including defining regions, exclusion settings, and region variables.

It enables analysts to track the content of network requests and to analyze link tracking data within the Adobe Analytics Analysis Workspace. It can also be used to integrate with the Adobe Analytics Report Suite. Additionally, the Activity Map browser plugin for Chrome allows you to view the visual overlays of link tracking data.

The Activity Map enables you to better manage your Target. It allows you to control the flow of traffic to your website. Whether you’re looking for more sales or more engagement, contextual insights can increase conversions. And, you can access the map from your sent flows and campaigns.

When you install the Activity Map in your web property, it will automatically import data from the Adobe Analytics network. This information includes the most common types of links. In addition, the Activity Map includes a dedicated user interface that enables you to quickly interact with each element.