Working With a Cerebral Palsy Attorney Experienced in Birth Injury Lawsuits

A birth injury lawyer can help you pursue the compensation your family needs after a medical mistake causes your child to develop Cerebral Palsy. Whether you are trying to recover damages for your child’s ongoing medical expenses, loss of future earning capacity, or the pain and suffering associated with your child’s condition, working with an Cerebral Palsy attorney experienced in birth injury in this area can ensure that your family receives the full amount of compensation it deserves.

A good Cerebral Palsy attorney can review your case, explain what types of damages you are eligible to claim, and build a strong case on your behalf. This process involves interviewing witnesses, reviewing prenatal and birth records, and analyzing various forms of evidence such as imaging test results, photos, and fetal heart monitoring strips. In addition, a good Cerebral Palsy attorney will have access to medical professionals who can testify about the negligence that caused your child’s injuries.

When evaluating potential Cerebral Palsy attorneys, look for an attorney who has a national reach and experience with medical malpractice cases similar to yours. The size of their staff, how long they have been in business, and evidence of steady wins can indicate the depth of their resources. If they require upfront or hourly fees to work on your claim, this may be a red flag that they are not confident in their abilities to win.

Ultimately, the main objective in any birth injury case is to prove that your child’s medical condition was directly caused by medical malpractice. In order to do so, your CP attorney must demonstrate that the liable healthcare provider owed you and your child a duty of care, breached that duty, and then the breach led to your child’s CP diagnosis.

After your CP attorney builds a strong case, they will negotiate with the liable party or insurance provider to settle your claim. If an agreement cannot be reached, your CP attorney can file a lawsuit and represent you during trial proceedings.

A settlement is typically the best option for families as it can speed up the process and reduce the likelihood of bad publicity and expensive court battles. If an agreement is not possible, your CP lawyer can take your case to trial to have a judge or jury decide the outcome of the lawsuit. While this can add to the overall length of your case, it may still be a better option than risking losing your claim entirely. In addition to the above, it is important to understand that the brain disorder causing your child’s symptoms does not improve or worsen with age. Therefore, it is essential to get a prompt diagnosis.