Playground Floor Paint

Playground floor paint is a non-toxic, water-based product that can be applied to playground surfaces to create colourful, stimulating designs and games. The paint has a high slip resistance and can be brushed, roller or spray applied to tarmac, concrete or other hard surfaces. Alternatively, it can be used to paint the surface of existing poured in place safety surfaces such as rubber or synthetic turf. It can also be used to add markings, such as pathways or circular shapes that can be used for playing games like hopscotch.

Coloured painting playground floor paint offers a variety of benefits that improve the aesthetics, functionality, and safety of playgrounds. It can provide a visual focal point that draws children’s attention and inspires creativity and imagination. It can also help to reduce maintenance costs by making it easier to clean and maintain a safe environment. Coloured painting can be used to create a range of different themes and environments, such as jungle adventures or space exploration, which enhances immersion and engagement.

The cost of playground coloured painting can vary significantly depending on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the surface area that needs to be painted, the colours that are chosen, and any additional features that might be added. There may also be a need for surface preparation, which can increase the overall project costs. Additionally, the use of weather-resistant or other durable materials might increase upfront costs. Finally, the use of professional contractors will have associated labour costs, which can increase the final price.

If you are looking for a simple, budget-friendly way to make your playground more visually appealing, try applying some of BC Paints bright, colourful primary colours. These water-based playground coatings can be easily brushed on, dry to the touch within 2 – 4 hours, and are easy to clean with soap and water. The coatings are also non-toxic and meet all CPSC standards. For older poured in place playground surfaces, try Top Coat Rubber Playground Coating. This water-based sealant and colourant provides new colour, improves surface condition and is ready to apply straight from the pail by roller or airless sprayer. It dries quickly and is easy to clean, and coverage ranges from 350 to 800 square feet per 5 gallon pail.